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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Are You Content?

I would love to say that I was content with everything that we have, but I would be lying. When I walk past someone I wonder to myself are they content with what they have? What is it that they want more of? Advertising makes you feel like you shouldn't be content unless you get what they are selling.

 You can't turn on the television without being bombarded with super expensive car commercials making you think if you are getting a phenomenal deal if you lease this car for just $699 a month. For real? Do people really pay that? I personally like to watch inphomercials sometimes just to hear what they have to say. "You will never use anther product again if you buy this!" That is until the next greatest gadget comes out.

I guess maybe I am content with certain things like, I am content with my house right now. But, I would like to be able to save the money to build. With an open floor plan, nothing fancy. I'm content with my vehicle right now. But, when the time comes that we are ready to have another baby I would like a bigger one. Or maybe, I'm content with my wardrobe right now, but I would like to have a new shirt for that upcoming wedding.

If you are working to meet your goals, are you really content? Probably not. I know I am not content unless I am meeting those goals.  Everyone is always wanting better. But the point is, don't go out and buy something just for the  "status", buy it because yours is old and worn out.   Are you content with what you have? If not, what would you like to change?

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  1. Love your post on contentment! Very reflective and good advice too. Blessings, Amy


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