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Friday, October 1, 2010

How I Save Money On Kids Clothes

It's no surprise that buying clothes can really break the bank. I thought when I got pregnant with Tinleigh that I had it made. Ainsleigh and her were both born in June, their birthdays are two days apart to be exact. But, I thought that Tinleigh would be able to wear all Ainsleigh's hand-me-downs. Well that wasn't the case. While Tinleigh did get to wear a lot of the newborn clothes she wasn't growing and gaining the weight that Ainsleigh did at her age.

When Spring came I had to buy her some clothes because she could wear any of Ainsleigh's old clothes. I went straight to Ebay. I know what you are thinking. I know I could get more for my money at yard sales or thrift stores. We have a Goodwill, but it's terrible and I don't  go to yard sales on Saturday mornings because I don't want to cart around the girls. I wouldn't be able to focus, to say the least. Anyway so the beginning of Spring I bid on a lot on Ebay of 50+ items and won. I paid less than $1.50 per item and that includes the shipping. They were all great clothes and I received many compliments on them.

There is 6 months difference in these two pictures. I think the only that has changed is her hair is longer!

Now that Fall is here. In August I  got up in to the attic to see if I could find anything that Tinleigh could wear. It's sad but she is going to be wearing some things that she was wearing last winter. That tells you how much she has grown. So I went on to Ebay and bought her four Gap shirts for $5.50 including shipping. I also bought Ainsleigh a pair of these off Ebay for $19.99. I have no idea why they were that cheap because I found them on Zappos for $52. They are brand new!!!! So I will be keeping my eye out for some more good deals. I just won't be able to buy anything this month. How do you save money on your kid's clothes?


  1. I love selling on ebay and recently have turned there for selling kids clothes. I think it goes both can make some good money off it, but you can also get good deals. I love garage I usually stick to that route. Good going on the shoes..those are cute!

  2. I buy end of season clothes for the following year, then sell on Ebay the next season. I usually make back what I spent.


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