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Friday, October 22, 2010

My Name Is Brooklyn.....

and I have an addiction. Yes, folks an addiction. First off let just say I hope that I don't have the beginning stages of becoming a hoarder. Okay so I'm not that bad.  Anyway my addiction is magazines. The great thing is I don't pay  for any subscriptions but come on people. Stacks and stacks of magazines that are at least a year old. My excuse for holding on to them is because of an article or a craft. Something of a this or that nature.  Well no more excuses at least till I have a big trash party again.

Here is the stack that I tossed. Yes, there are over 20 magazines thankyouverymuch!

Here is the stack that I have keep because I haven't even got to read them. I have them nicely placed in my night stand drawer. Lets see how long it takes for them to take over that space and move on to somewhere else.  Wait, there I go again back to my old ways. I have turned over a new leaf friends and I am hoping it's here to stay.  What's your addiction?


  1. Omg I have the SAME problem! I'll have to do a post on mine too. Glad I'm not alone! Haha BTW I love your name!

  2. I also can have the same problem,I tear out the items I am interested in and separate into different folders. REcipes gointo folder by cook books for recipes I want to try. Crafts go into 3 ring binder and put on shelf. they are all together if I want to try out. I then try to give away the magazines so some one can read what is left. Hospital or doctor's office or thrift store.


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