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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oh Georgia

So last week I mentioned our goals for the month of October and on that list included a speeding ticket from our vacation last month. Well, Hubby called about it yesterday and "WOW" is all I really have to say. If you are from Georgia I have pity on you. Here in Indiana if you get a speeding ticket you pay the same amount no matter what speed you go over. That is not the case in Georgia. Make a mental note, "Never speed through Georgia." We had a radar detector that work all fine and dandy, but not so much when you are hit with a laser.

So, this puts alittle damper on our goals this month.That's to say the least! I am just hoping I can pay half of the HOA dues. We have some money in our savings accounts but we need to be pushed to the limits instead of just transferring money and then not putting it back. So this is the month to change that habit. We are changing our ways!

Anyway, I am sure you are wondering how much that bad boy of a speeding ticket is..... Yeah, I'll get to that in a minute. Here in Indiana the ticket would probably be around $200. Just keep that in mind. I think $200 if fair, don't you? OK, are you ready for it? Wait? Wait for it?  Seven hundred dollars! You read me right. Seven hundred smackeroos. Thank you Mr. Georgia Officer!!!!


  1. Whoa..I didn't know you were from am I. Holy moly about the ticket. I will tell you my dh had to visit the ER while we were at Disney last week..wanna trade bills?

  2. Sorry about the ER visit, but I'll pass on that bill. Hope he is better!


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