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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sickness, I Hate The

Gotta love the messy hair look

Hopefully we are on the up swing of things around here. We have been sick for over a week. I myself feel back to myself mostly. Ainsleigh is still battling a runny nose and slight cough. Tinleigh, well she is still struggling.

Monday we were at Riley Children's Hospital for a follow up you can read about that here. Then on Tuesday Ainsleigh had a field trip for preschool so Hubby's sister watcher Tinleigh so I could be with Ainsleigh. Things just seemed to go downhill that day after Tinleigh woke up from her nap. She literally screamed unless I was holding her.

I finally got her to sleep around 10 and called it a night myself, even though I clearly needed to pick up the house and clean something. Then midnight came and she was restless, kept playing with her ears and just fussy. I gave her Tylenol and Motrin and nothing worked. After several attempts trying to lay her in bed at 4:30 I decided to put drops in her ears that we had gotten with she had an ear infection.

Let me tell ya, those are a little piece of heaven. Once they started to work I was able to lay her down and sleep until 7:30 when I was graced with Ainsleigh's face telling me it was time to get up. I called  to make an appointment for Tinleigh  and luckily they got us in in the morning. The Dr looked at her ears and said one looked like an infection was starting, wrote a prescription and told me not to fill it for a couple days and see how she acts.

Today has been an ok day. She has be fussy, but I was able to get the majority of the stuff in the kitchen cleaned up. To me, that is a plus. I have alternated Tylenol and Motrin so I guess we will see how she is after she wakes up from her nap. Let's pray she's feeling better soon!

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