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Saturday, October 9, 2010

There's Always Next Time

So yesterday I wrote this, hoping that things would change. I prayed Tinleigh would be able to tolerate dairy, a lot. I got an answer, but not what I was looking for. My poor little baby started having a reaction yesterday evening. I guess she finally got enough dairy in her system to trigger it. So needless to say we had an eventful evening trying to get her calmed down to go to sleep.

It just frustrates me so badly that nothing showed up on either of the allergy tests. I wouldn't have put her through any of this. That's the whole reason I haven't tried since the testing was done in July. It makes me feel like a horrible mother. So with all that said. There will be more recipes posted on how we are eating. I know how if feels to have to try and find something to eat without using ingredients that you are so used to using.

To sum this all up, FOOD ALLERGIES SUCK!

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  1. some times my reactions to my food allergies isn't just what it is( such as dairy) but what is combined with it during 48hrs( top off with a very slow digestive system) and how much.Last week I could eat ice cream this week it was with an reaction.Salad is a 50/50 all the time.

    Praying for her.


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